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What is Taiwan Treats?

Taiwan Treat is a Taiwanese snack subscription service whose mission is to spread Taiwan culture, tradition, history, and most importantly -- food!-- worldwide, all in a convenient box.
Taiwan Treat delivers authentic Taiwanese snacks, candies, treats, chips, ramen noodles, coffees, and teas from Taiwan to your front door.

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Authentic Taiwanese snacks from Taiwan to your door

We do the research about the best and most popular Taiwanese snacks, so you don't have to

Enjoy the unique taste of Taiwan

How It Works

1. Select Your Subscription Box

Choose a plan and create an account.

2. We curate your Taiwan Treat box

We hand-select the most popular Taiwanese snacks, candies, noodles, and other treats.

3. Enjoy Taiwanese Snacks!

Receive your Taiwan Box at your front door, open, and devour!

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